Logo von Coop4EqualityOverview:Cooperation for a Gender-Equal Social Economy (Coop4Equality) addresses the urgent need to enhance the role of women and gender minorities in the European social economy. The project fosters gender inclusivity in social entrepreneurship, creating sustainable growth and equal opportunities.

Impact: Coop4Equality aims to make a significant impact on the European social entrepreneurship landscape by enhancing gender inclusivity and collaboration. The project will equip stakeholders with tools and knowledge to integrate gender perspectives into their activities, ultimately contributing to a fairer and more inclusive economy and society.


  1. Empower women and gender minorities to develop their social ventures as viable career options.

  2. Engage stakeholders (investors, mentors, support organizations) in adopting gender-inclusive strategies and methodologies.

  3. Foster a collaborative, gender-aware ecosystem in the European social entrepreneurship sector.


  • Development of gender-lens tools and pedagogies.

  • Training staff and mobilizing local ecosystems to test and apply these tools.

  • Establishing collaborative events and platforms for connecting stakeholders sensitized to gender inclusivity.


  • Creation and dissemination of 5 handbooks on gender mainstreaming and peer-learning methodologies.

  • Training and analysis involving 117 stakeholders committed to gender equality across Europe.

  • Availability of resources for 450 individual or organizational stakeholders in social entrepreneurship.

  • Development of a more inclusive and collaborative European social entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Funded by the European Union


15 March 2024


Cooperation for a Gender-Equal Social Economy



We want to promote social and ecological innovations to enable solutions for the most urgent challenges of our world. By providing an ecosystem, knowledge is to be created, communicated and exchanged.

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