European Social Economy Canvas

Testing the brand new
Canvas for social Impact & Environment

We, the Center for Open Social Innovation, have been giving courses and workshops for entrepreneurs and founders for years and have always used the well-known but dissatisfying methods. Now there is a new tool that can solve many of the existing problems in the industry in a very straightforward way. This tool was designed by the European Commission and is now starting its test phase! The visual Social Business Canvas consists of two parts: one of them maps the key impact areas within the social responsibility of a company or project, makes them visible at first glance and thus allows you to quickly identify whether and where there is a gap between goal and achievement. The second part performs an environment analysis, mapping partnerships, sponsorships, teams and other stakeholders. Here you can quickly get an overview of who is in the environment of your company or project and how different flows (money, work, resources, knowledge, values, etc.).

Our project is now to test this tool together with 60 companies all over Germany and Austria. To do so, we will conduct an interactive workshop to guide participants through the tool. Before and after that, we will ask their opinion about the Canvas with the help of a small survey. This way we collect feedback to help the European Commission to optimize this tool for practical use. 

What's the value out of this? This new canvas is specifically designed to express a company's social responsibility in goals and visually represent the ecosystem around a company. This strengthens partnerships and a company with a clear Purpose will find more suitable future partnerships and funding. This canvas will now be tested for its practicability; and the first participating companies will significantly contribute with their opinion on this tool to how funding applications to the EU will be designed in the future; indeed, one plan is to use the said tool for this purpose.


What you'll get:

  • A finished canvas for an impact- and environment analysis of your company
  • A visual tool for finding better cooperations and suitable (financial) support
  • Optimization of your business model with regard to your individual purpose
  • Actual analysis for understanding and improving your social responsibility
  • The chance to participate in changing future EU funding allocation
  • Networking with other open-minded and responsible companies

What you'll need:

  • 3hrs of your time for the workshop
  • 5-10min for feedback on the canvas

Recordings of our workshops on the use of Canvas

Was ist der European Social Economy Canvas?

The Impact & Identity Tree

The environment analysis (environment mapping)

Get to know a new method for showing and reviewingyour impact and environment.

Project partner

European Commission

European Commission

The canvas is developed and this project is financed by the European Commission.

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