Strategy development

Strategy development for a future-oriented intrapreneurship in the welfare sector.

About the project

The INTRA Lab supports innovations and intrapreneurship in companies. With the INTRA Lab's idea workshop, Mission Leben gGmbH promotes social innovations. This is done by developing an innovative idea for solving social problems into a viable business model in four workshops. Participants in the Ideenwirkstatt can be employees of Mission Leben gGmbH, other charitable organizations, commercial enterprises or interested individuals. By implementing the business models in the companies during or following participation in the Ideenwirkstatt, innovative projects find their way into the participating companies. The delegated employees are significantly involved in the establishment of the projects and thus act as intrapreneurs - as entrepreneurs within the company.

COSI supports the INTRA Lab in digitizing the workshops. The goal is to implement a hybrid learning program, which uses the advantages of digitalization and changed work habits due to the Corona crisis and still falls back on the tried and tested concepts and didactics of the INTRA Lab. In addition, COSI provides consulting services to INTRA Lab regarding digital didactics. These services include the following activities:

Platform design

Establishment and introduction of a user-friendly digital platform. This can be used by the participants for exchange, digital project management and workshop work.

Project partner

INTRA Lab - Social Entrepreneurship Lab

INTRA Lab - Social Entrepreneurship Lab

An initiative of Mission Leben gGmbH