Center for Open Social Innovation

We want to promote social and ecological innovations to enable solutions for the most urgent challenges of our world. By providing an ecosystem, knowledge is to be created, communicated and exchanged.

Our Services

How we work

Tailor-Made Education Programs

We create your tailor-made entrepreneurship or education programs (digital, hybrid or physical participation).

We created or are involved in: Digital Social Innovation LabFCCI Cacao Academy

Custom Programs

We are exited to launch the first european Hackubator in 2021. Stay tuned to get more information, soon.

Open Education and Innovation Plattform

With our platform we want to support social and ecological projects and the development of the founders in Germany and Europe in the coming year. Furthermore, we want to create a network of the European social economy.

Tailor-Made Digital Events

With our knowledge in the fields of digitalization and education we are ready to enrich your events and workshops. But what we do goes far beyond mere moderation. We create holistic event formats.

Systemic Organization Development

With our customized innovation programs, we take companies to the next evolutionary stage.

Meet Our Founders

We are working on the topics of Open Social Innovation for several years. The journey of our two founders startet back in 2016, when both attended with their projects (Elya Tea and DOPDA) at an incubator program by Social Impact and SAP. After this program, the idea was born to start a network for entrepreneurs in the Rhein-Neckar region where both are located.

Over the years, both have worked together on various projects and finally decided to join forces with their ideas and found the Center for Open Social Innovation.  

Manuel Kreitmeir
Manuel KreitmeirSystems
Dr. Björn Pospiech
Dr. Björn PospiechMindful Entrepreneuship

Our Team

Shamila Borchers
Shamila BorchersMarketing

Projects & Events

We are already involved in many projects and events. Here you can find some of them.


Digital Social Innovation Lab 

Digital Social Innovation Lab 

The Collective Impact-Driven Incubator

Shaping digital business models for social purposes

MOOC: New Work and Purpose

Free online course to get an understanding of new work and purpose, and how to effectively manage the change within your team or company.

FCCI Cacao Academy

FCCI Cacao Academy

At the Cacao Academy, evidence-based approaches are created to help cocoa farmers achieve better harvests, health, and prosperity.

Upcoming Events

European Social Economy Summit & Roadmap Events

European Social Economy Summit & Roadmap Events

Moderation & Mindfulness Methods

More projects and events are in the pipeline and will be announced soon.

We already cooperate...

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